The crowd was enthralled with the performance of Shreya Chaudhary’s folk dance.

Happy occasions such as birthdays, weddings, and other celebrations are celebrated by many people with a dance. These dances are also done at certain events such as marriages in states like Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, and Haryana. Many well-known dancers participate in these dances.

Their dance is so beautiful that the audience gets captivated. Sitara was initially very popular and soon, she earned her own social media fan following. Her popularity sky-rocketed in a short span of time.

Sapna Chaudhary’s popularity had increased so much that she got a chance to participate in Bigg Boss. He has also done item songs in many films since then. He also has a huge fan base on social media. But for the last several days, Sapna has stopped her dance. She got married a few years back and now she has given birth to a lovely baby boy.

But now Shreya Chaudhary has been replaced by Sapna Chaudhary. Shreya Chaudhary has been dancing for many years. Many of his dance videos have gone viral on the internet. Now another video is going viral on the internet. This video is being discussed everywhere. Shreya is wearing a black Punjabi dress in this video.

In this video, as soon as the song starts, everyone can be seen enjoying the song and their dance. As the song progressed, many spectators left their chairs and walked on stage. Not only the youth troupe but many old people also got mesmerized by her dance. Seeing Shreya’s dance and sexy style, many big people are also seen coming to her on stage.

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