Google Wallet is a way to make payments and move money through your smartphone. It’s completely free, and it can store credit card information (debit card), debit-credit balances (credit card), gift cards (gift card) and loyalty cards. You need a newer Android or Apple phone in order to use Google Wallet, but once you do, it will be another quick way to pay at e-commerce stores that take it.

Google Wallet is able to add VISA or MasterCard to make payments. You can also use Google Wallet All over as long as it’s supported by your bank.

Instructions to add VISA/MasterCard to Google Wallet

Note: on Android, the application is called Google Wallet, but you’ll see Google Pay on the screen. On iOS, it will be called Google Pay.

If you have a Visa/Mastercard, you can set it up in your App Googel Wallet the following way:

  1. Tap on “CHPlay” or “iOS” in the APP Store
  2. Scroll all the way to the bottom of the page where you will find “App Google Wallet” and tap on “Get it here”
  3. You need to have an Apple ID and password to download App Google Wallet- but this is separate from your Google credentials
  4. Follow these steps after tapping on “Get it here”:
    a) A pop-up with a lengthy 11 digit number should come up – just type it into the app form
    b) Type your name in Return EMail on Sign Up
    c) Fill in VISA or MasterCard information (1-2 minutes) and type VISA/Cash Card Number, expiry date, security code
    d) Click confirm

Open the Google Pay application (after setting Google Wallet to change its name to Google Pay) on the phone screen:

Step 1: Choose more payment method

Step 2: Select the type of card you want to Add to Google Pay/Google Wallet.

Step 3: If your Google account already has a card before Add, just select that card and provide the CVV number again.

If the account does not have a card, prepare a VISA card of the Bank supported by Google Pay (list below), enter enough information about the card number, expiration date, CVV and home address.

Step 4: Depending on the bank, there will be different terms, click the More content button until the end of the page to move to the next step of adding VISA/MasterCard to Google Wallet.

Step 5: To ensure the safety of the card just added to Google Wallet, you need to verify 2 steps through your phone number, select Enter text message and press continue (Phone number will be the number registered with Google Wallet)

Once done, you will see an image of your Visa card added to the Google Pay app.

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