Have you ever wanted a virtual pet on your phone? Well, now is your chance with the help of iOS 16. Behold; this article will show you how to make it happen.

Pet photo download

Pet photo download

Do you spend a lot of time looking at your phone? Productivity can decrease significantly because of all the worrying. A solution is to have a pet on your phone. Cats or dogs are the best bet, but you could even get one that moves around when you’re working or a battery-powered pet like the kinds found in stores!

First, you need to visit this website . Next select “Create a moving pet wallpaper on iOS 16” .

What pet do you want to play with? I did the crocodile for simplicity, but I think all of them are just as adorable.

You can choose the iPhone model you’re using, but generally this website supports iPhone models from iPhone 10 to iPhone 14. It’s possible to create on the site even if you’re using a lower line.

In our photo editing section, you’ll have the option to upload or select a photo as your background. You’ll also be able to change the color of the background and adjust its opacity levels. Once you’ve found the perfect photo, just drag and drop it on a website template and watch as it transforms before your eyes!

Finally, click “Create photo” on the website to add your pet to the background image.

Now you just need to download those images.

Add a pet to your iPhone screen

Once you have a pet photo, we will move on to the next step-adding the pet to the iOS 16 screen. Your pet will appear on the iPhone’s battery and move like it is.
First, open the lock screen. Then hold down the lock screen and select the blue plus sign at the bottom right.

To shuffle the pictures, select “Picture Shuffle” from the next menu.

Step 1: Tap on Shuffle frequency and select “On touch”
Step 2: Tap on Manual image selection.

Click the “Add” button and select the pictures you just downloaded. Remember to zoom out each photo so that the pet fits on the time display. Finally, click “Add” again.

So you have successfully created a pet on iOS 16. Good luck.

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