Viettel users have another opportunity to use 3 months of 4G for free, equivalent to 180GB of Viettel without spending any money. This is a program to encourage Viettel’s 4G transition to users. Just register according to the syntax and be on the list of eligible customers, you can access the Internet comfortably for 3 months with 4G data capacity

Step 1: Set the phone’s network mode

Before you start you need to enable 3G/4G/5G on your phone:

On Android: Settings – > Connections -> Mobile networks -> Network mode -> 5G/LTE/4G/3G/2G

On iPhone: Follow the picture below, in case you use an iOS 14 or higher phone, just turn on 4G/5G. Each iOS Firmware will have a different way to enable mobile data

Step 2: Get 180Gb DATA 4G Viettel for free

Now on your phone, compose a message with the syntax: 3ST4G to 191

If the registration is successful, you will see a return message  saying “…successfully registered under the 4G migration program for 0 VND for 90 days”… . With this package every day you will have 2Gb of data for free, if you use up 2GB of Data, you will automatically switch back to the package you are using.

In case of unsuccessful registration, you need to compose a message 5GKM to 191.

After successfully registering Viettel’s free 180GB DATA package, to check the remaining DATA, you compose a message: KTTK to 191. The switchboard will reply to you.

You have to wait 20sec.

Generating Working Code

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